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Residential Electrical Inspections

Electrical Inspections Starting at just $199*

  1. •  Annually, an estimated 28,300 residential building electrical fires cause 360 deaths, 1,000 injuries, and $995 million in direct loss.
  2. •   15% of residential building electrical fires start in bedrooms.
  3. •  47% of the residential building electrical fires where equipment was involved were caused by the building’s wiring.
  4. • Twenty-two percent of residential building electrical fires occur during  December and January.

*Topical Fire Report Series, Vol. 8 Issue 2

Is the electrical system, which surrounds every square foot of your home, safe?  Are you sure?  While the expectation is that every home is built to meet or exceed local and national codes, the truth of the matter is that even the best electrical systems only last 30-40 years.  Throughout that lifespan, there are countless outside forces that have an impact on the integrity of your electrical system, and sadly, the impact is almost always negative.

 Even with all of the protections put into place, like circuit breakers, fuses, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) and system grounding, the erosive effect of time, rodents, faulty connections, corrosion, aluminum, and arcing all take a dramatic toll on your electrical system.  When left unchecked, and uncorrected, the consequences can be disastrous.

There are many systems we use every day that have a built in warning devices to alert us of a problem.  Take the braking system on your vehicle, for example.  When the brake pads become worn, they squeal letting you know it’s time for maintenance.  Ignoring that warning can lead to costly repairs or injury.

Unfortunately, with few exceptions, we have no warning mechanisms in place in our home.  All too often, dangerous conditions go un-noticed, and gradually and inevitably worsen, to the point where at best, something stops functioning, or, worse yet, a fire is started.

It is our hope that you will recognize the need to routinely have your home electrical system inspected so that these conditions can be discovered and corrected, and that the things you hold most dear will remain safe, just as you expect them to.

At your request, we will schedule a time with you to conduct our thorough inspection of your home.  Our report will cover all of the items listed at the right, as well as any other visually obvious violations or dangerous conditions.  When possible, each condition noted will be photgraphed, and that photograph will be in the report for the sake of clarity.  We will provide as many details as possible regarding each item noted, as well as a recommended solution.  The price of the inspection is not contingent on you contracting with AAA Electrical Services for the recommended repairs.  It is a set price with no further obligations.  Your completed report will be emailed to you with photos for your records


With A thorough Safety First Electrical System Inspection for your home starting at just $199*, peace of mind is just a phone call away!

*For up to 1300 sq. ft., no detached outbuildings / garages.  Contact us for complete details and list of our comprehensive inspections we will perform for you.